Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Recipe Of The Day: Creamy Parmesan Mustard Chicken

Martha Stewart
Today's recipe comes from my friend Arinn. She gave me a list of ingredients and told me to just eyeball it. So no measurements. What I love about this recipe is that it's healthy, using greek yogurt for a creamy sauce, which also makes it comforting.

Here's the stuff you need
  • Chicken breasts (I need 8 for tonight's company)
  • Greek yogurt (I used a whole container)
  • Dijon mustard (I used a generous tablespoon)
  • Grated parmesan (I was super generous and just kept shaking it in)
  • Mustard powder (I skipped this)
  • Worcestershire sauce (shake some in)
And then I added a heap of cottage cheese and a sprinkle of medium curry powder.

Place the chicken in a baking pan. Mix all other ingredients together. Poor mixture over chicken. Sprinkle some more parmesan over everything if you like. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes or whatever cooking directions your chicken breasts come with. 

I'll be serving this dinner with steamed broccoli and quinoa and kale salad with Italian dressing. I'll let you know how this goes and post some actual photos of my dish if it comes out looking photogenic. For now I've supplied you with an image from Martha Stewarts recipe book.

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