Lindsey Strang?

Hi. I'm Lindsey Strang. I love coffee. And wine. And cats. And fall. Or autumn. Gossip. Sleeping in, not like I'm capable of it anymore. And I'm a serial home body (cause that's a thing). Which fuels my chronic obsession with decorating. I realised I was obsessed with interior design when I was much younger and found myself recording back episodes of Trading Spaces. I was young.

I'm married to a great man. Dave. My counter balance. Amazing dad. Super smart. He's pretty funny. Quite helpful. And possesses zero opinion on decorating and design making him my perfect match. I don't have to fight my case with any decisions. I just do it and he just, generally, loves it. Or says encouraging and supportive words to give an impression he doesn't hate it. He's also good at math. And charming the crap out of people.

Here we are super drunk on our wedding night. Just two kids who knew each other a whole of 3 weeks. Note his Jersey Shore phase. He was ahead of the trend. This was 2008 WAY before Jersey Shore. If you're into adventures, marry a total stranger.
Together, we made two humans. Georgina, the two year old, and Miriam, the baby. They're small. But have HUGE wills and opinions.

Georgina's the one on the right.

Miriam's the one on the right.
 We also have two cats. They're cats.

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