Monday, 2 December 2013

The Bold Big Girl Room

To continue from my last post I'm going to share my favourite big girl room inspirations that are on the brighter, bolder and more eclectic side.
I just love all of this. I could try to emulate it forever and would never come close.
J&J Design Group
This was the room that got me super excited to decorate G's room. I love the bright side tables, the bold headboard, the graphic wall paper and the everythingelse. I have stared at her back wall for long periods of time debating whether to wallpaper or paint it something like this. I have even bought wall decals to put on her walls as an affordable substitute to wall paper. They're still hiding in my closet.
Another black and white feature wall. I really like the colourful headboard. I had picked out a couple fabric swatches to do the same for G but chickened out in the end. *sigh* When it comes to going colourful you have to just go for it and commit. Do NOT chicken out. I'm not sure what I'm scared of or why it felt like such a big risk. I am definitely guilty of over thinking the whole thing.
Beige walls never looked so colourful! Using a bright pink duvet, a mustard coloured ottoman and a piece of art to tie them together this room looks like it screams with colour. So simple but so strong.
The Handmade Home
 I absolutely love the gold star decals on the feature wall. And of course the giant art poster.
Palmer Weiss
I never realised how much I love orange and green as accents until I started working on this post. They're fantastic colours and work so well with pink.
Caitlin Creer
Inspired by the orange headboards and head shots from the previous photo, Caitlin designed this room for her girls.
yeah more pink and orange
Bright pink, Tiffany's blue and soft gold accents. This could actually go into the girly girl category as well. Ya, looking at it I definitely think this is more girly girl but the bright colours threw me off. It's a good in between both I guess.
Laura Lee Clark
Purple making a rare appearance on my inspiration board. I absolutely LOVE the day bed for a little girls room. I had one growing up and felt like a princess. I love how the furniture is arranged to look like a sitting room. This would be a great layout for a teen room.
This is a bit mature looking for a little girl's bedroom but some dolls and children's books would be enough to make it feel more age appropriate. I really love the art above the tufted headboard.
Jill Sorensen
This was another strong inspiration for Georgina's room. I just love turquoise and yellow together. And while there's pink in the room it's not overpowering.
A very bright and colourful room with all white walls and furniture. It's a great approach to colour if you're renting but I love this look in all rooms of the house as an owner. So bright and fresh and cheerful. I find working with colour easier when my walls are white.
Daun Curry
And while this is obviously a nursery, there are many design elements to draw on for a big girl's room. A patterned wallpaper, navy and bright pink colour scheme, bunny sketches (definitely want to try this for G) and that light! Actually, that crib has been converted into a toddler bed so technically this can qualify for a big girl's room after all.

All these rooms make it look so easy to pull together a beautiful, bold bedroom for a little girl. But I have struggled trying to finish Georgina's bedroom. Writing this I feel renewed and I'm going to go and rearrange some of her furniture and see if I can finally make it come together.

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