Friday, 14 February 2014

My New Shelves

There's an alcove beside my fireplace in my front room that has been bothering me since we moved in. I always felt it had great potential but just could never meet it. Finally, after resenting it for a long, long time I got Billy Boyes over to do what he does best: make my house beautiful. He didn't disappoint. 
He mounted the cabinets so they're floating and made a counter for the top to tie it in with the floating shelves he installed. I spray painted some knobs I had lying around with Krylon in Brass and had Billy drill holes in the centre of the doors. I'd like to invest in some really beautiful hardware eventually but these work for now. Now all of Dave's video game junk is hidden away and my front room is my new favourite in the house!

These pictures are just from my iPhone. I'll post better ones later but I couldn't wait to share! 

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