Friday, 29 November 2013

The Girly Big Girl Room

When it comes to decorating for children I'm usually drawn to this style
Modern, bright, large surreal art. But I do have a thing for soft, romantic, frilly girly. My best friend is working on a big girl room for her little Nova and her starting off point is this bed from Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware
It's so girly and romantic but also has strong clean lines. So for this post I'm going to show the soft, romantic and girly approach to a big girl's bedroom. And later I will share the brighter, bolder, more modern rooms that I am a sucker for.
When planning Geogina's room I found myself torn between these two styles and because I couldn't commit to either I ended up in some vague middle ground. The colour palette I ended up with is too bright to be a soft romantic girly room but all the finishes like her drapes, headboard and bedding are quite girly. (Sorry I'm abusing the adjective girly in this post. Running on wine fumes at the moment).
Let's look at some girly rooms...
Restoration Hardware
I have loved this washed velvet bedding for a long time now but keep holding out buying it. It doesn't really make sense in Georgina's room (I think...) and I'm in total denial that Miriam will one day be big enough to warrant this purchase. If I was single I think I'd want this whole set up in my room!

Another old favorite of mine
Tia Zoldan
This was the runner up for G's room. I wanted blue walls like you see here but was torn between pastel or brighter. Brighter won out in the end but I have been regretting that since. It's so much harder to work with!
House and Home
Very similar feel to the room before it, soft blue-ey pastels and dusty rose colours.
I liked this one for Nova's room because of the stars. And I always think silver suits her mommy's decor. Using graphic print like these stars keeps it looking a bit more modern but can still be soft and sweet. And the graphic pattern can be on walls, ceiling, in art, not just bedding.
Speaking of stars on the wall....
A Thoughtful Place
Beautiful gold polka dot wall decals in an otherwise all pink room make this a girly bedroom that isn't too girly. Actually, the chandelier may be the only super feminine thing in this room. I especially love the painted ceiling. Big fan of that.
I love the monochromatic pink scheme, the adorable fairytale art and the small hit of a graphic pattern. Very sweet and lovely.
Tracy Fleming
Another monochromatic pink room. I had used this as inspiration for paint colour in Miriam's nursery because I wanted a coral colour pallet. The art, rug and light fixtures elevate it above juvenile while the deer, tutus and doll collection keep it suited for a little girl.
And another monochromatic coral room. I could go on forever with this look and probably should have just done a separate post about monochromatic coral...
Yes another monochromatic room. No it's not pink.
Three Peanuts
This is girly and sophisticated. Perfectly balanced. My favorite is the childrens' art in an otherwise formal looking room.
Proof that beige is not boring. While I love love love this look I'm not sure how excited a little girl would get for a beige room no matter how fantastic. I've noticed Georgina's favourite things, be they clothing or toys, are always the tackiest. Kids love colour.
While this is a colourless as the beige room above perhaps she'll forgive the beige since her walls are covered in butterflies!

Jillian Harris Design
I love everything about this room. It's designed to be a guest bedroom, with adults in mind but any girl of any age would love to call this home.

So what do you think? Is this the direction you would go with your little girl's big girl room? Or are you more excited to see the next string of bolder little girl's big girl rooms?

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  1. Any idea where the wallpaper with the silver butterflies came from? Thanks


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