Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cozy Guestroom

Do you have a room that is more like a storage closet? We did. For the past year our den has been a souce of shame. Before we moved in we had hopes and dreams of it being a man cave. We painted it Gentlemen's Grey by Benjamin Moore and set it up with a desk, library, tv and lounger with a nice jute area rug. But soon it just became the room that stuff got dumped in. By summer it had gotten so out of hand that you couldn't even step foot inside. So this fall we said ENOUGH and turned it into our guestroom. Aka the room that Dave sleeps in every night because our kids don't sleep through the night.
The spare bed had been in the playroom up until this point. Not ideal. It took up half the space and forced the room to be split into two different decor styles: childish playroom and calm, adult sleeping area. It was a mess. Moving the guestroom into an unused den was a great design solution. And it forced us to deal with our horder issues.
With the dark blue walls and deep plum drapes and dark brown bedding it is so cozy. We took all our old art - mostly from Ikea - that we had no place for anywhere else to decorate the walls. The transformation was dramatic yet FREE! Perfect!
The pillows are old ones I bought to make the master bedroom feel cozy two winters ago. They don't really go with my new bedding so they'd been sitting in storage. And the nightstands are from back when we were first married. I keep meaning to throw them away but then I always end up finding a place in the house that needs a side table. They work for now and save me money.
The room faces onto our neighbors house so it doesn't get much light and has zero view but it's not like company is going to be hanging out in here in the daytime anyway.
Kitty approved.
I plan to hang a new pendant or lighting of some sorts and find new bedside lights and tables one day down the road but those are distant plans as this room has just fallen to the bottom of the priority pile.
If you are ever in the neighbourhood and need a place to crash come over to Casa de Strang (still need a house name) and enjoy one cozy slumber.

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