Friday, 14 February 2014

My New Shelves

There's an alcove beside my fireplace in my front room that has been bothering me since we moved in. I always felt it had great potential but just could never meet it. Finally, after resenting it for a long, long time I got Billy Boyes over to do what he does best: make my house beautiful. He didn't disappoint. 
He mounted the cabinets so they're floating and made a counter for the top to tie it in with the floating shelves he installed. I spray painted some knobs I had lying around with Krylon in Brass and had Billy drill holes in the centre of the doors. I'd like to invest in some really beautiful hardware eventually but these work for now. Now all of Dave's video game junk is hidden away and my front room is my new favourite in the house!

These pictures are just from my iPhone. I'll post better ones later but I couldn't wait to share! 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

House Tour: Kourtney Kardashian

I love love love Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I don't care what anyone else thinks or says about that family and that show, they are pure entertainment. I find myself smiling through entire episodes, giggling away. Nothing wrong with that.
One of my favourite aspects of watching the show is getting to see inside their beautiful homes. They are glamourous and bold and absolutely stunning. My favourite home out of all of them is hands down Kourtney and Scott's and for quite some time now I've been searching the internet for photos of it. None to be found.... Until yesterday!!! Kourtney shared some of the photos of her home being featured in InStyle Magazine this month on Instagram and I almost choked I was so excited. And now I get to share them with you! If you're interested in reading her comments about each room check out the article on InStyle's website here.
The living room
The piano room
The dining room
The family room
The kitchen (duh)
The master
Penelope's nursery
The playroom
The office

The lighting in each room is amazing. Absolutely perfect. If I wasn't so lazy I would break into her home and steal all her lights. And that painting in the piano room is just the best. I actually painted something quite similar yesterday myself when I was painting with Georgina
Totally the same.... err...

Which is your favourite room? Or is it too much for you?

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Little Boy's Bedroom

I have two girls. No boys. So when I'm looking at inspiration photos my eye tends to filter out rooms that apply to boys. But after posting TWICE about a big girl bedroom (here and here) I think it only fair to also give the boys some attention. I'm sure I have at least one reader who has boys (Arinn).
Christine Dovey
For a little gentleman! It has a very subtle nautical theme with the navy striped bedding and the sailboat paintings but does not feel theme-ey. I like the navy trim for the baseboards, casings and closet doors. So clever. And brass in a little boys room doesn't make it feel feminine. On the contrary it gives it a feeling of gentlemen's club.
The grey wood panelling, the rug and the roman blinds are very mature and traditional details for a child's bedroom. The tree wallpaper and captains day bed make it more juvenile and it all comes together to make one smart little room.

Speaking of tree wallpaper.... this may be better for a teen bedroom or used at the cabin (if you're privileged enough to have one). It's a cute idea. Kind of hipster.
Lauren Liess
Another room that could suit a grown up but is fit for a child.
Westbrook Interiors
Giant map of the world and a plush daybed. And another globe mobile. I likr how the trim is all painted out the same colour as the walls.
Lisa Luby Ryan
I love the navy stripes in this room. It's a subtle nautical touch and with the airplane mobile it doesn't feel too theme-ey.
Tim Barber ltd
His and his desks and bunks all painted green looks sharp and is a great space saving design so there's more floor room to play. So many activities!
Jennifer Eisenstadt
I love the monogramed headboards. So dapper. This room looks so luxe but is still playful.

Katie Ridder
Another large map. My favourite part of this room are the dinosaurs displayed on the floating shelves. The positioning of the bed makes it look like a daybed which I'm a big fan of if you've noticed yet...
I love love love the wood pannels on the back wall! And I'm pretty partial to navy and green in a boys room. Although my friend Arinn warned me those colours combined can look like Canucks colours. The small hits are perfect.
Reichel Boussard
This is different. I wouldn't think polka dots would suit a boys bedroom but they're cute in here. It's great that they're not uniform and just scattered around a section of the room instead.
This sweet little bedroom makes me think of Christopher Robin.
Schoolhouse Electric
I love tweed and plaid!! The big boots would indicate this is not a little boy's bedroom but I think it would make for a perfect bedroom for a boy of any age. It's so charming and masculine.
Holly Mathis
A lot of grey which I usually don't like but the hits of orange are great.
I am always a fan of a black feature wall. And I think the stuffed animal heads mounted on the wall are Fantastic! Where do you find something like that???
Restoration Hardware
And finally, Restoration Hardware. It is just perfect always. My favourite is the striped wool blanket on the bed. Wool blankets are so itchy but look so great in boys bedrooms.

So that's my boy's bedroom roundup. Which room was your favourite?

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