Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Dave and I used to abuse the use of mirrors in our home. Okay, more me than Dave since he's a passive part of the decorating process. My sister used to sing "I bet you think this room is about you" every time she came over due to all the mirrors. But they're just so easy to use and can instantly improve a room!
I just came across this photo of a gallery wall of mirrors and LOVE it
Crystal Gentilello
I definitely still have a lot of mirrors in my home and plan to add two more - one in the dining room and one in the guestroom, both of which already have mirrors. Yep, I still have a problem. But they look so good! Here's further evidence
Tobi Tobin
Lucas Allen
Karyn R. Millet
Kelly Wearstler
And the most famous room of mirrors
Versailles Hall of Mirrors
When organised in groups, Mirrors serve as more than just function. They become art!
How about you? Are you big on mirrors? Or do you feel they're the lazy decorator's go-to?

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