Wednesday, 16 October 2013


When we were out house hunting we had a laundry list of must haves for our new house. One of them being a large foyer or entrance. The house we ended up buying did not have that. But it did meet almost all of our other criteria and after months of searching while living at my parents' something had to give. Our entrance way is just  a narrow hall the width of the front door - no room for even a coat rack or umbrella stand - and is open into our front room. Not ideal but definitely a privileged problem so I'm not actually complaining.

I'm always looking for new ideas or solutions for how I could make it look better but also serve as a functional space and not just a hallway. A narrow entrance is definitely a challenge and mine has remained bland since we've moved in. I like to see certain elements in a front entrance no matter the size and luckily for me I think all of these can be used in mine. A mirror is a must-have for me. It's the last checkpoint before I go out in public to ensure I don't look as tired as I usually feel. Wall hooks to hang keys, scarves, kiddie coats is a great storage solution without cutting into space. An umbrella stand can be a lovely accent that doesn't take up too much space but can reflect your personal style. A floor tray is a great idea for guest to know where to leave their shoes so you don't get the big scattered shoe pile at your front door when you have company - a big problem in my house. And a rug. It defines the space, which is important for my house since the front entry is a part of the front room, and it also contains dirt tracked in from outside. My best friend, Keira, keeps a large basket of slippers at her front door for guests when they come in. Such a thoughtful gesture!

Below are some beautiful  yet small entryways, some of which have me practically running out the door before I can even finish typing this sentence so I can implement their great ideas in my space.
Betsy Burnham
House & Home
What I like about this one is the wall sconces. I don't have the option of an interesting chandelier or pendant light because my ceilings are vaulted and it would look funny. Or maybe not? But if you're looking for a lighting solution this is definitely a great idea.

Are you lucky enough to have a large entry space or have you had to be creative?

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