Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Recipe Of The Day: Chicken Quinoa Stew

To start I will acknowledge how ridiculously ambitious it was of me to A. think I could actually find a new recipe to try everyday - I go from never cooking to always cooking? Ha. and B. that even if  I could find and try a new recipe everyday that I'd have time to blog about it. Ha. Ha. Jokes on me. So to modify Recipe Of The Day, I will try - try - to post one once a week. The rest of the days of the week will be using recipes I trust and that are already in rotation. But once a week I will try to expand my limited repertoire.

Today's recipe is AMAZING!!!!! I'm not making this tonight but have already made it on two other occasions, the most recent this past Friday. Our friends, Cody and Laila loved it as much as we do.
I found it over at Cookin' Canuck, through Pinterest. What's so great about this is how healthy it is! It feels like you're eating comfort food but it's gluten free and mostly fresh ingredients. And it's super easy to make or else I never would have tried it.
If you're interested in the recipe - which you definitely should be - check it out here.

My mini modifications: I used a full carton of low-sodium broth and added a bit of water; I used red quinoa for no other reason than it's what I have in my pantry; I skipped the olives and the parsley.

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