Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Naming Our House

I read a book. Life After Life. I loved it!!

But this isn't a book review.

Ever since reading this marvelous story I continue to think about a SMALL part in the book. The family names their home Fox Corner because they saw a fox on the property when they first moved in. I love this!! I love the idea of naming your home. But what to name ours?? I feel our home needs a name, especially since I am writing about it all the time.

Dave has suggested Casterly Rock, touting it comes with a song and everything!
But I don't want a name already taken.
He's also suggested Strang Manor. It's stupid. Not quite there yet.
He's actually quite good at naming things. He named his car Tom Cruise. Nailed it.

We saw a racoon in the yard the other evening. Racoon Burrow doesn't really inspire.

For the purposes of brainstorming, here's some information about my home:
  • It's blue, like nautical blue, with white trim. I want to change that. I'll post about that later. But maybe that can inspire a name.
  • There's super tall, green cedars surrounding my property. Lovely after a rainfall.
  • It's a terrible money pit. Since we've moved in there's been one thing after another to be replaced, repaired or rob us of our money in some crafty way. That all said, every penny I put into this house makes it that much more mine. *gush*
  • My style is eclectic modern? Hard to put a label on it but I'm drawn to very modern decors that have unexpected elements or accents.
  • Dave's a banker. That could be something?
  • I have two kitties


 Please excuse the images. They're photos of my computer screen of the realtor listing. They're all I have so far because this spring I ripped out every shrub and never got around to relandscaping. More on that later (becoming my theme song). But it does show you the exterior.

I like Corner, Grove, Hollow, Burrow and all names as such. Not too keen on Manor, Abby or anything too grand. My home is many things including a humble abode.
I'm open to suggestions. At the very least we got to know each other a little better.
Have any of you named your homes? I'd love to know.


  1. Blue Beast
    Strang(e) Sex Shack
    Racoon Ramada
    Sea Biscuit
    Domination Station

    1. Sea Biscuit! Thanks anonymous for the helpful suggestions :)


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