Thursday, 15 August 2013

*Updated* Dreaming Of Green

I'm painting my dining room and am currently in the process of finding the perfect muddy green colour. I want it dark, moody and comforting. It also feels old english country to me - a refined colour. I just pulled "old english country" out of my ass but it's what I think of when I look at this colour. I've lived with green in the past. A brighter version. Green is a happy colour and an easy neutral. I love it.

I want something that is unexpected but not shocking. I never want someone to leave my house thinking they hate a room. That said, I also don't decorate for anyone but myself (sorry not sorry family).

Here's some inspiration photos I've been loving
Eve Ashcraft
Not noticeable at first, the ceiling is actually painted PINK! A soft dusty rose colour makes for a more subtle contrast to the muddy green instead of a sharp white. It's a beautiful complimentary colour and adds a feminine touch to a masculine coulour. It also demonstrates how green is a neutral. Like beige or grey, it can be paired with any colour.
I love how the trim, baseboards and mouldings, shelving and even the shutters are all painted in this colour. They definitely commited to a green room.
This one is a bit fresher, less moody. I LOVE the lacquered walls! I also love how they painted the fireplace mantle, baseboards and mouldings in the room all the same colour as the walls.
I would love to have the art in this room in my home. If a full wall of green feels like too strong of a commitment for you, panelling the bottom half of the walls is a great way to break up the colour and ad architectural interest. Personally though, I like to have the panelling detail but still paint the whole wall one colour, like in the top photo.

My favourite green colour I've found is Benjamin Moore's  Bonsai CC-666 

At one point I was looking at Benjamin Moore's Perfectly Pesto

Again, the computer version does it no justice. And while it's a beautiful, rich green, it's also quite yellow and reminded me of baby poop. I do not want people thinking of poop - no matter how cute the source - while eating my cooking Dave's cooking (let's be honest, my husband's the one who feeds us).

Before I came to this moody green as my colour of choice I had considered an emerald green room.
It's a rich, sharp colour and very glamorous. Too glamorous for me. I can see myself using it in a powder room though.
And then I second guess the whole thing and think I want this

Erin Williamson

or this
Elle Decor

or this
Kimberly Ayres

or this
Decisions, decisions.
My end goal is to create something unexpected but comforting. And beautiful.
If I can commit to it, I feel this green and I will live a beautiful life together. For now....

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