Thursday, 19 September 2013

DIY Art!

I am generally TERRIBLE at any and all Do It Yourself project. I don't have the patience. This includes cooking. BUT I draw great satisfaction from ever completing something myself. So I continue to attempt DIYs (or continue to plan to - thanks Pinterest).

One DIY that I am Constantly doing is ART!
Because there's no rules with art, it's all subjective, I don't need to be perfectionist. Not that it stops me.
I have invested quite a bit of money in professional art, within reason, thanks to my favorite online store in the world(!) 20X200


I was just about to lament the loss of my favorite art source website which has been down since January 2013 and low and behold IT'S BACK!! well sort of... they're working on it.

yes, I love 20x200 but the costs can add up so it's nice to be able to get GREAT and LARGE art for very little cost. Here's some inspiration and examples of what I'm talking about.

This is using paint cards. So bright and colourful!

This one would be pretty straight forward and has a strong impact. I could write a whole post about
black and white abstract art
  Bright and colourful and again pretty straight forward. I can draw rectangles...
  Tongue in cheek. Word art and typography is very popular. I like how this makes fun of it
Now this is where it starts to get trickier. I'm too anal picky to make something this beautiful. I over think it. I've had better success handing the brush over to Georgina.

                           This is more like it. I can probably handle this one. And it can go with all different types of
                           decor depending on the colours you choose

                                     Georgina and I made something very similar to this. I let her have free reign on
                                     the background and I added the dots in gold afterward.
Who doesn't love a Pollock. Georgina and I are currently wrecking working on this right now for the dining room.


  This is a cell phone snap shot of my Elle Decor magazine. It's Courtney Cox's dining room. I've been psyching myself up
  to make this one for some time. Again, the black and white art has a big place in my heart
And finally, Andy Warhol's Rorschach art. I saw another talented blogger had done this herself. Check it out here. Definitely doing this one next. Also for the dining room. Maybe in gold or black or Hermes orange????

Now, I make absolutely NO CLAIMS to be half as talented as any of these artists. Well, maybe Andy. Jk. But in the name of saving Dave's sanity money, and since my decor style changes with the wind, some DIY art is just perfect.
Also, it's a great activity to do with your children! Georgina LOVES it. And is better at it than me. And allegedly children who get to use their creative skills are better at math and science. Maybe that's learning multiple languages.... but still.

I'll show you all our DIY art in another post, another time. And, I'll show you all my beautiful professional art later on as well. Off to drink coffee

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