Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Some New Art

I have bought some new art and thought I'd share. It hasn't arrived yet but I can't wait to get it!!
Gray Malin
First up is this Gray Malin print. There were so many to chose from this collection but I liked this one the best. You can see the rest of his work, including the rest of the Prada Marfa collection here. It's an intriguing story behind this photo and I'll let Mr. Malin explain it:

Marfa, a famous arts town located in West Texas, is home to many intriguing artistic endeavors; most notably a Prada store art installation. Filled with a 2005 collection of Prada purses and shoes, the store is sealed shut and sits freestanding on the side of the open highway.

That's just weird. I want it.
Steve Lambert
I have finally bought this print. Finally. There was a bit of rigamarole with the process but 20x200 was very helpful and I got it! Now I just have to figure out which room it belongs in. I always thought the dining room would be an amusing place for it. But then I cringe at the thought of explaning the joke to my dad.
Elizabeth Huey
And I am getting this for Christmas from my wonderful mother in law! The artist statement about this print leaves me feeling dumb. I like it because I like the way it looks. Okay, maybe I am dumb. To me it feels very 1960's and I'm reminded of a James Bond ski scene.
Stuart Klipper
New on my wishlist is this beautiful and eerie photograph of icebergs in the Antarctic. But I think this will have to wait. For now.
Here's my cow up on my dining room wall. She's so pretty. I bought her back in the early fall at Home Sense but haven't shown her off yet. She's very big and colourful and a great focal point in the dining room.
This is my DIY Rorschach art. I got the idea from Hannah J. at Angel Babies, Paint and Cookies  who shares her inspiration and tutorial. I've made two and have both framed and hanging in my dining room but I'm not really stoked about the other one so I'm hiding it from you.
A family photograph can be art, right? My talented friend Danaea Li took this photo of us this fall. It sits in our hallway in a beautiful frame from Indigo. I need to frame and hang some more from her family photoshoot with us. So many beautiful photos!
And here's what Georgina and I worked on today. It will remain a working project for a few weeks until I finally paint over it with white and start over or maybe it will be a keeper and end up in the playroom. Time will tell.

So, do you like my new art? I've always been very partial to photography and have only in this last year started collecting paintings as well. Although, lets be honest, I don't have the budget to buy anything more than prints of paintings. But I don't mind. 

How about you? Do you prefer paintings or photography?

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