Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Kitchen Table

In an earlier post I had mentioned I had sold my kitchen chairs with plans to replace them. Well, I've found new chairs! The same ones! *sigh*
I sigh over them because I had an opportunity to buy something new and try a different look. But I really, really like the look of the Eiffel Chair. My problem was never their appearance but that the ones I had before were so unsturdy. The screws would fall out after so many weeks and they creaked and shifted under your weight. You don't want to be thinking about your weight every time you sit down to eat. Or maybe you do... I don't. I want to enjoy my food and feel bad about it later if I choose to. So as much as I really liked the look of them they had to go. But then I found them again but BETTER! These ones are sturdier and don't squeak, creak, or shift under your weight.

Now I'm trying to decide what table to put them around. Spending a lot of money isn't really an option right now because we have been spending so much money on the house lately: new washing machine and dryer, new landscaping in the front yard, a bunch of plumbing, a laundry room facelift, painting the dining room. I'm trying to be frugal with the table. I keep stopping in at Home Sense but haven't seen anything I want. Craigslist is a lot of time and effort which I don't really have. I've lived with our current kitchen table for a few years. It's alright. It was free from Dave's grandma. If I wait a little longer I can save up for the perfect table instead of purchasing a good-enough table. Buy nice not twice, as Dave always says.

One option that I haven't looked into further is a client of Dave's runs a lumber yard and part of his business is doing custom orders with lumber. Mantles, furniture pieces, doors, etc. Below are some potential table options that I could possibly have custom made. 
Source Unknown

One King Design
Crate and Barrel

I love this table. I'm not sure what this design or style of table is called but I love its lines and blocky, bold appearance. My only reservation with having a table that looks like that is how it would look if I were to have my island look like this:
You know? They're the same shape which I think would look too boxy. I would want a table that softens those large, modern lines. Maybe a round table? Or something more organic like a harvest table like this:
I would want mine a little more cleaned up and smoothed out though. As romantic as this table above is I don't want my dishes rocking when I'm eating.
Here's a similar idea, modified
Design Crisis
With this design, sort of the trestle table, I can take a piece of wood, reclaimed or whatever and mount it onto a style of leg of my choosing. Ikea sells different trestles but I'm sure there are much more creative options. I really like the look of the chrome legs on the table above.
And then there's the parsons table.
Crate and Barrel
What do you think? What kind of table do you have in your kitchen? Did you put a lot of thought into it or was it just a make-do-for-now piece that's made roots in your home like mine?

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