Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thinking About 20X200

I'm so excited about 20x200 making a comeback! (as previously mentioned here.) Their mandate is to make art accessible to everyone by selling beautiful art at ridiculously low costs.
In honour of their return and to get everyone else as psyched up as I am I thought I would share my love  for +Jen Bekman's project in this post.

First off, I'll share my collection. It's wonderful! And makes my home so much prettier and happier and interesting.
Christian Chaize, Praia Pequena from 20x200. Ugh. Excuse the glare. Darn sunny days ruin EVERYTHING. jk.
With the exception of the black circles and the photo of the baby feet sticking out of the bumbo (seen in the middle photo), all these photos are from 20x200. I painted the black circles, inspired by this post by a talented local blogger. And Georgina took the picture of Miriam's feet on Easter morning. They fit in nicely.

I was so excited when they added two more Christian Chaize prints to their collection last Christmas. I bought the first one they put up instantly and something like the next day they put up the second. I was faced with a dilema: I didn't need TWO Praia Pequena prints, right? But I liked the second one so much better!! So I bought it too and I told myself I would give the first one as a Christmas gift. That did't happen. I have another Christian Chaize in my bedroom but from a different series of his. I bought it first when I was coveting the Praia Pequena series. I love it more in some ways. This is it below.

Christian Chaize, Apres Grande 7, mine is framed in a brown frame instead.
Dress Code, Bastienne Schmidt

Hanging in Miriam's nursery (more on that later) I have a large print of Dress Code by Bastienne Schmidt. Her nursery is soft pinks and greys and this adds a bright mix of colours and makes the room feel less baby but still playful.
I have a few more prints from 20x200 that have yet to find a proper home in our house, including another by Bastienne Schmidt. And a couple others that need to be properly matted and framed.

A while back I entered a contest through Pinterest where you post all your favorite 20x200 prints for a chance to win a book by one of their artists, Jorge Colombo. I WON!! While I did end up collecting most of what I had pinned on my board there's still a few that I was so disappointed I'd missed the opportunity to purchase. I'm really, really, really hoping they will keep their old collection as well as the new art they introduce weekly. Christmas time is my favorite! They have new art daily. Here's a few that remain on my wishlist, soon to be fulfilled, hopefully.

The one that got away. This is a part of a series called Drawings For Three Rooms In Your Home, by Steve Lambert. I am just not brave enough for the first two from the series.

Here we have People Who Eat White Bread Have No Dreams, by Simon Fujiwara. I have no idea what it means. I love it.

The White Oaks, by Joseph O. Holmes is such a beautiful, quiet and calm photo. I would love it blown up in my dining room. Or as an 11x14 in my bedroom over a nightstand. I love that it looks like black and white photography but isn't.

Jessica Craig Martin, Cougar Friends, would definitely go in my dining room. Or my powder room!

For mor information and to keep up to date on 20x200's status you can go here or here. Can't wait to have you back in my life 20x200! And to see more prints that I would love check out my pinterest board.
What do you think of my living room gallery wall? Do any of you have one in your home? I'd love to see!

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