Sunday, 22 September 2013


 This photo has been my wallpaper for years now

Robyn Karp Interiors

I aspire to obtain this look constantly and fail. I blame a few things
  • Budget: I cannot go out and buy all brand new furniture to achieve this look
  • Children: When I do buy new furniture I must do so with them in mind. More specifically, their messy little furniture-climbing bodies. I dream of a white sofa. But that's where it ends. Instead I covered our new sectional in the highly practical, stain resistent, dark grey, tweed-like fabric.
  • ......
hmm seems like those are the only  two holding me back. But they're pretty big hurdles.

aaanywaaaaaaaaaaays, what I love most about this room are the Yellow Drapes! They're what draw the eye, what make it so beautifully interesting, what pull the room together. They're the stars.
The best thing about yellow drapes is that they are not hindered by my two major road blocks. Budget and children have no bearing on the colour of my drapes (just maybe the quality).

Here's some inspiration

Style at Home
Live Like You
Traditional Home
Source unknown
Live Like You
Eva Designs
And here's some other ways to use yellow in your home if drapery isn't your thing

BDG Style
Elle Norway
Living Etc.
Apartment Therapy
Jonathan Adler
The one thing I notice about all these photos is that yellow is just a small part of each room but is the strongest element in each of them (with the exception of that all yellow library). It can be such a bold colour and is such a happy colour. It looks quite elegant, and is very versatile, working with all sorts of different styles.
An inexpensive way to incorporate yellow into your decor is by painting an existing peice of furniture yellow. Benjamin Moore's Sun Kissed Yellow is a great one to use for that. Or to get the look by Jonathan Adler, use a can of spray paint to give some old cane chairs (or whatever) an easy update.

Now I just need to work up the courage.....

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  1. Love those pops of yellow!



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