Friday, 20 September 2013

Lighting Over My Kitchen Table

To start out, I'm not going to make the same mistake I made here. I'm going to lead this post with a beautiful photo

From Elle Decor featuring a Christian Chaize print from 20x200. Love these chairs!
Now that that's out of the way I can show you my terrible before photos of what I'm working with. Again, please excuse the image quality. My good camera is on a temporary hiatus.

Let's use this as a Before photo for everything in general.

Totally inspiring right? I very recently sold my Eames Eiffel Chairs - reproductions. Not the real thing - and am currently on the hunt for a new table as well. Not sure what I'll end up with. More on that later.
Anyways, I can't find any lighting I like. And can afford (this is key).
I tried this last winter...

Zuo Modern Lighting
But they hung so low over the table and weren't big enough as a fixture. They just looked out of place. They would be wonderful in a loft. I don't live in a loft. Mind your space, you know?

Here's some photos of lighting I love. Peruse at your leisure.

From West Elm
This one's super interesting. And these are the Eiffel Chairs I was talking about. Mine were white.

I like the orange and zebra chairs in this too.

Love everything about this room!

I LOVE this one by Lindsey Adelman. Apparently some people are crafty enough to do it themselves. I am not one of those people.
and speaking of DIY here's one I found through Little Green Notebook

I keep telling myself THIS IS IT but have yet to get around to actually attempt it. Apparently, my friend Arinn can make lamps using items found around her house, like Macgyver, so maybe I'll solicit her help. Also, one of my problems with the lighting over the kitchen table is that it is mounted into the ceiling in the centre of the room, not over where the kitchen table would naturally go. So Stupid. So frustrating. So I need my light fixture to have a chain so I can hook it onto a ceiling hook over the table (what's that all called?). 
See my problem?

Gawd! lol this light is terrible.

I considered a pendant drumshade for quite some time but our kitchen and family room rely on our table light for most of its lighting at night. The recessed lighting doesn't cut it. I don't think a drum shade gives off enough light. Am I wrong? Do any of you have one?
They're oh so pretty!

There's my chairs again! Maybe I'll buy them again.
If you know of any good places to find anything similar to what I currently love let me know. I'm tired of looking at my sad kitchen chandelier.
My dining room, however, has the best light in the world! A sputnik replica!

This isn't my dining room. Or even the same light that I'm talking about. But mine is the same idea. I'll show you later on.


  1. Lighting over the kitchen table is very important (especially when I try to sketch vintage flowers like last night). I have a floor light nearby to help me!xo

  2. Loving these pictures. I'm completely obsessed with decor and home improvement. Will certainly start following your blog religiously!


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