Sunday, 3 November 2013

Georgina's Nursery

Yesterday I posted a bunch of photos of beautiful nurseries. I plan very soon to post some pictures of Miriam's nursery. But today I came across some old photos of Georgina's little nursery from back in the day. Here they are.

Very basic, beautiful white. The mobile is Flensted. The lamp is Home Sense. The For Like Ever print is one of my DIYs because I was too poor for the real thing. Some of the photos are Danaea Li Photography and Marlo St James Photography and some were taken by me. All the furniture was purchased through Craigslist. And the stuffed bunnies are all from Indigo.
Our home at the time was temporary so drapery was never hung and paint was never considered. But it made for a lovely first bedroom just the way it was. I miss its white calmness. Something this new house could definitely use (G's screaming as I type..)

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