Friday, 4 October 2013

The Closet Monster

We have a closet monster. He's very angry.

Wait, I'll go back a bit. When we moved in, Georgina and Miriam had cabinets installed in their closets. Georgina's is awesome. It looks beautiful and allows for lots of storage. Miriam's was terrible. It took up a lot of space, left zero room for hanging clothes, didn't help with storage and organization and overall was not a good fit for Miriam's awkwardly shaped small closet. So I ripped it out. Months ago. And that same day I sent Dave to Home Depot to buy new closet racks to mount so we could finally hang clothes in Miriam's closet.
The day got away from us and we didn't get past buying the new closet racks. The next day got away from us as well. And then the whole week and the weekend after that and so on. After a month of putting this off I made Dave commit to getting it done. I negotiated with him (a full evening of video games) to ensure it would definitely get done. I held up my end of the bargain. Dave did not. So I wrote him this
This was months ago!!!  Like before spring. Today the closet still looks like it did on that first day
Note the bin and hamper of clothes? There's more of those behind the scenes. Miriam owns so many cute, adorable, beautiful clothes but only cycles through something like five outfits because the rest are in the waiting-to-be-hung-in-a-closet pile. Every once in a while I'll rummage through the pile and find a sweet little outfit that she's grown out of without having had the chance to wear it. This is 100% on me. I know that. But I blame the closet.

Yesterday, in a moment of total frustration with myself and her stupid room, I tried doing it by myself. Fool. Miriam is Closet Monster's biggest nemesis. While Closet Monster just wants this closet to be done already, Miriam does everything in her tiny power to sabotage any and all attempts at completing this simple task. (side note: She's doing everything in her tiny power to stop me from even writing about this closet! Why won't she nap?????)

Closet Monster has turned into one giant metaphor for procrastination in our house. I use him as a folder to store our unpaid bills now. Feels fitting. When something doesn't get done, Closet Monster gets pretty grumpy. So we try to stay on top of our to-dos. We've tackled our garage, our den, our laundry room, our play room, our dining room and our yard. The one to-do still neglected is Miriam's closet.
Maybe we'll get it done this weekend......... (hahahahahahaha)

Do you have a Closet Monster living in your house? What is he mad about?

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